Sunday, October 27, 2013

Not every Trailhead student is the same. In fact, to say that there is diversity in this group is a major understatement. The needs of the students are drastically different, as are their preferences. This means that the program will always be stretching someone, even when others are right in their comfort zone.

For the first month, Trailhead was a hodgepodge of random events and experiences. The schedule was different every week and there were cries for "structure!" from the ranks. October has been the opposite. We have been in class daily, and the routine has been so... "structured" that some are finding it monotonous. I suppose if we keep changing the pace now and then, we will keep everybody guessing. What I do know is that Dr. Hayden has been a blessing, and the students seem to appreciate his unique ability to bring huge amounts of information and knowledge down to a level that is attainable for them.

One more week with Dr. Hayden.  No canoe pics this time so a baby pic will have to do.

Charlie is gearing up for the big packer game. He has never seen them lose. Hopefully he never will.

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