Monday, April 4, 2016


Trailhead Welding Class--March 2016

Greetings from the Jacobsons!

You know things are busy when your Christmas update goes out in March!

Our busy-ness is nothing to complain about.  We are up to good things.  We feel blessed to be living this life together, surrounded by these people and using our time and energy for this work.

In May we will finish the third year of our Trailhead "gap year" program.  This nine month program for post high school students is our primary work from September to May.  Our nine students have done well, challenging us with good theological questions and "creative hijinks" that have often required my sternest face at work, even if I laughed after I got home (don't tell them).

In all honestly, "Don't sweat the small stuff" seems to be a good motto at times when working with 18-20 year olds.  They are often dealing with "big stuff" that I knew nothing about at their age.  These three years have taught us much about the pressures and questions plaguing young people of this generation.  What a blessing the Christ's work and His words are as relevant and powerful now as they ever have been. Pray that we would be wise as we teach and counsel these young friends!

The boys are...boys.  Charlie is two, and has an imagination that leaves us in wonder at times.  He is sensitive, and approaches life with a bright-eyed curiosity that we love.  If you join us for a meal, he just might do the praying, and he will catch you if you try to pass along a dish without partaking.

Mason is a year old, and developing into a funny little guy.  He usually knows what he wants, and can now crawl to get it. Every now and then, all he wants is a big hug from Mom or Dad, and those are special moments.  Despite a rocky and early start to life, he seems to be growing and learning well.

Laura holds everything together in our home and she does a lot more for the Trailhead program than anyone knows.  I have been blessed to see her grow in wisdom and joy since our marriage began.  Sometimes I am amazed at the Godly counsel I hear her dispensing.  I truly feel that the blessing of marriage becomes bigger each day (I hope she agrees).

Up next will be another summer of the Adventure Program.  We always look forward to the changing seasons and the next chapter of this fascinating work.

We are blessed by your friendship and support!

May God bless you,

Dan, Laura, Charlie and Mason