Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall at Forest Springs


To our friends and family.

After a stable, yet transforming summer of adventure ministry, our busy fall is well underway here at Forest Springs. As always, the Trailhead students are up to their elbows in challenging and unique experiences. This week, for example, they were up to their elbows in pork!

Haley lives on a pig farm, and her generous parents dropped off a living 200 pound pig last week.  It was a rare and fascinating opportunity to butcher this pig and process the meat together. Yesterday we made 60 pounds of sausage and future meals will include barbequed ribs, pulled pork, smoked bacon and a beautiful pork loin that we will save for a special occasion.  Most of the students will never butcher a pig again, but they will always know what’s involved, and they will never see the meat aisle at the grocery store in quite the same way they used to.

This experience, along with auto maintenance, chainsaw class, canoe building and others, are simply the “extras” from the last few weeks. These are fun and useful skills, but the core of our fall curriculum is Bible training.  When they aren’t running a meat grinder or felling trees, our students are digging deep into God’s word.  The training they are receiving will equip them for their future, and make them a blessing in their churches. Pray for them as they tackle these difficult classes!

On the home front, we just celebrated our 8th anniversary and Charlie’s second birthday. It is hard to believe we have only known him for that long.  He is emerging as a social and observant little boy who cares about others.  He is also full-swing into the life-long journey of learning about obedience.  Mason is a happy and curious 8-month-old with hair that stands straight on end.  He is just starting to enjoy trying food with his new teeth, and loves watching and laughing with Charlie.  We pray their budding friendship is a blessing to them and others for life.  Our boys are a constant blessing and I must say that their mother is amazing.

God is faithful. We are celebrating with the board today, and reliving the many testimonies from our ministry this year. Your prayers and support have been instrumental in this. Thank you!

Dan, Laura, Charlie& Mason