Friday, April 4, 2014

Okay, after a major backlash (2 verbal comments which probably constitutes 50% of the people who read this) regarding the canoe post yesterday, I want to clarify that I didn't intend to say that the students have done anything wrong necessarily.

The canoe project has always been presented as an optional activity, and the disappointment I expressed was in regard to the realization I have been coming to that not everyone is interested in the same things I am. They simply haven't caught a vision for this project. They haven't seen the reward as worth the effort. 
I don't play video games or golf  for the same reason and that is okay.

I loved the idea of watching them enjoy the completion of this project and my disappointment is in the fact that it probably won't happen, not in the students themselves. They are great :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oops again... its been another month. If you can't tell, things have been busy. The students are experiencing a class-heavy month, with worldview taking center stage. Yesterday we attended the film
 "God's Not Dead" in Wausau and that provided some good discussion. Please pray for the remainder of the year. There is much to discuss and debrief. The time will slip away quickly. The students are already getting emotional. 

 A few updates:

Ah the canoe... I am going to have to admit that this has become a pretty major disappointment this year. The hope was that the long monotonous task would end with the glorious unveiling of a beautiful boat and a trip with the group in the canoe. Unfortunately, despite my pleas, bribes, threats and nagging, they lost interest and now it is probably not going to be possible to finish the boat before they leave. Jesse and I will finish the boat, and it will still be great. People will marvel at the size of it and enjoy it. We just won't be able to say that the Trailhead students built it, and that is sad for me.

I haven't put an AWANA picture up here before, but you should all know that the students have helped weekly in the local churches and this has been a HUGE blessing. This is Tyler Morecraft helping the kids do some kind of a dancy, songy thing. I have actually been quite impressed with the way the young men have stepped out of their comfort zones to assist in this way.

Charlie Boy in his favorite spot. Hanging in the swing.

God Bless!