Friday, June 29, 2012

Camp Forest Springs Adventure Ministries Staff 2012!

Back (L to R): Laura, Dan, Cassie, Josh T, Asha, Josh S, Rel, Tim, Monica, Reánna

  Front (L to R): Adam, Jesse, Tyler, Clark 

Dan & Laura Jacobson—Adv. Min. Director and wife
From: Rib Lake, WI
· Pray for humble hearts to know and enjoy God more and truly love others.
· Pray for wisdom in using time well
· Pray for the wisdom and ability to take good care of each other.
· Pray for wisdom in leadership.

Cassie Whitstone—Trip Packer
From: Abington, Pennsylvania, Grad. From LTD program and Philadelphia Biblical University
· Pray for competence in my ability to do my job well as food packer.
· Pray that I will use my time wisely—spend time with the Lord and build relationships with other staff
· Pray for future plans—listening and waiting patiently for what the Lord has for me next
· Pray that I keep my eyes on the Lord in all circumstances.

Josh Tschanz—Trip Leader (Paired with Jesse Tschanz)
From:  Taylor, WI
· Pray for patience
· Pray for guidance
· Pray for discernment

Asha Kroeker—Trip Leader (Paired with Tyler Kruse)
From: Woodbury, MN, Attending Univ. of MN
· Pray that I would daily be walking in the truth and freedom of the gospel.
· Pray that I would be overcome with love and joy; being open to the Lord’s direction and teaching.

Josh Sturm—Trip Leader (paired with Arielle Messina)
From: Wausau, WI
· Pray that the Lord would be building in me a security in Him and not my performance people-pleasing ways
· Pray that God would give me boldness to live in the gifts He has given me.
· Pray that I would have eyes to see Him working!!

Arielle Messina—Trip Leader (Paired with Josh Sturm)
From: Rialto, CA
· Pray for sensitivity toward others’ needs
· Pray for dependence on others
· Pray for a servant heart
· Pray for spiritual discipline in all the busy-ness

Tim Petersen— Adv. Ministries Associate
From: Rib Lake, WI
· Pray for a good balance of family, church, ministry, etc.
· Pray for a renewed hunger for God’s Word
· Pray for wisdom in raising my 2 children
· Pray for relationships to grow among neighbors

Monica Leair—Trip Leader (Paired with Clark Hilty)
From: Oconomowoc, WI, Attending Northwestern College
· Pray that I would be able to serve out of a pure and willing spirit
· Pray for safety of the youth and leaders on these trips
· Pray for the lives of the campers coming through the adventure trips, to experience grace and love from God
· Pray for my patience, obedience, and endurance.

Rnna Baumgarten—Adv. Min. Coordinator
From: Westboro, WI
· Pray that I will be vulnerable, teachable & flexible
· Pray that I will have wisdom & discernment as I help lead the trip staff/food packer
· Pray that God will build relationships with campers and I will be confident to speak His truth

Adam Beasterfield—Specialist
From: Rib Lake, WI
· Pray that I will serve the trip leaders with a more than willing heart
· Pray that I will grow in my knowledge of God and His word.

Jesse Tschanz—Trip Leader (Paired with Josh Tschanz)
From: Blair, WI
· Pray that I would become more like Christ
· Pray that I would be gracious and loving to all my campers this summer
· Pray that the Lord would give me strength in my weaknesses
· Pray for opportunities to speak into the lives of the boys and get to the heart of their issues

Tyler Kruse— Trip Leader (Paired with Asha Kroeker), From: Columbia Falls, MT, attending Crown College
· Pray for deeper healing with things that are unknown to me.
· Pray for a deeper and more committed prayer life
· Pray for being a godly leader

Clark Hilty—Trip Leader (Paired with Monica Leair)
From: Richmond, KY
· Pray that prayer would be a basis for all I do out on these trips this year.
· Pray that I would be bold in my presenting the gospel not only by how I live,  but when God opens a door, to speak into someone’s life.
· Pray that I would listen...and love...and live with Christ and not by myself trying to make things work

Friday, March 16, 2012

"What do you do in the Winter?"

This might be the most common question people ask when we talk about our ministry at Camp Forest Springs. I suppose it is natural for people to imagine camp as a summer thing, and to picture us waiting away the long winter months until the excitement begins again in the spring.

So people are usually surprised to hear that CFS serves more guests in the winter than we do in the summer! In fact, it is quite common to have served over 500 people by the time a weekend comes to an end, and that doesn’t include the school groups that visit during the week.

From churches, to non-profits, to college student groups, to local community members, we see it all here in the winter. Hosting these groups (up to six at once) has become a key part of my job, and I get to see so many great things happen. Here are a few highlights from this fall and winter:

We hosted 190 men from the Twin Cities who together vowed (some with tears) to lead in their families and workplaces for Christ. Their strong support of each other was a great blessing to observe.

We were honored to serve almost 200 inner-city youth for a weekend—31 went home as new believers!

We enjoyed an MK retreat, hosting children of missionaries from almost 20 countries. They endure common challenges though they hail from diverse places. It was great to see them support each other.

We saw many old friends from Janesville and Eau Claire who visited with their churches. This is always a special privilege.

It has been an honor to partner with many churches, meeting their leaders and serving their needs. I have come to realize how important the local church is, and I am grateful for the chance to be a small part of what God has planned for them when they come.

And yes, amidst the craziness of winter, we do look forward to, and work toward, the summer quickly coming on its heels!

With thankfulness,

Dan & Laura

Treehouse Retreat Group—2012

Escape College Retreat—2012

Winter Family Camp—2012