Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas!

To our friends and family.
Some things never change.
As the Christmas season approaches, we are delighted to be reminded of the things that haven’t changed.  God’s provision for us in Christ is a finished work, and our mission remains to understand the implications of this more and more, while helping others see this glorious truth in greater detail as well.
Everything else… does. 
Here are the two biggest changes from the last few months!:
Charles Schaeffer Jacobson
Charlie was born on October 10th and his presence has changed almost everything about our day-to-day lives. What an amazing thing it is to watch a new life created before your eyes! Every day we discover new blessings as we get to know the little man God has entrusted to us. Of course Laura has experienced the most change as a result of Charlie’s birth, and learning to balance motherhood and her other roles will be the next challenge for her. It does change my mindset also, as I feel the draw to be home more often. I will never avoid the 14 hour days completely, but they can’t ALL be like that anymore!  Please keep us in your prayers. Charlie is doing great— and yes, that middle name is in honor of Francis Schaeffer, whose writings have been very influential to me over the years. Our lives will never be the same, and we love it!
Trailhead is underway!
For years, we have dreamed of this gap-year (post high school) program at CFS, and in September we watched it become reality. Nine students arrived on September 2nd from across the country (and outside of it) ready to learn, and experience camp’s unique community. Our goals for them are:

Better understanding of the gospel through Biblical training and mentorship

Better understanding of their own strengths and how they may lead to a career

Better preparedness for adult life (finances, home/auto repair, work ethic etc.)

The road has been bumpy at times, but we are excited when we see growth and learning.  We pray that each of these students will be better prepared for their next step in life when we cut them loose in May. To learn more about the program and to see pictures, check out our weekly updates at
Much love to you,
Dan, Laura & Charlie

Sunday, December 15, 2013

As always, the Dinner Theatre at Camp Forest Springs has represented a fun change of pace. This event is one of our more popular offerings to the public, and is just totally unique compared with everything else we do. The students have been involved in stage crew, serving, dishes, etc. and have been a big help.

While Mortals Sleep - Dinner Theater 2013

We finished up our Dave Ramsey financial course last week, and will spend a few days this week talking about Biblical financial perspectives and stewardship. The week will taper off a bit, as several students leave early for Christmas plans. We will spend the better part of our final day in Cross-Country skiing class! Unlike many of you, we have PLENTY of snow already.

The canoe is almost at the halfway point. This half has been fiberglassed and will soon be removed from the strongback. Can they get it finished by May? Hmm....

Have a Merry Christmas!