Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dear Friends,

I used to work with farmers, and the fascinating thing about agriculture is that the sowing and the reaping are done by man, but the growing of the seed is out of our hands. For all of our food, we are dependent on a process that we cannot completely control or fully understand.

As I reflect on the first summer of ministry at Camp Forest Springs, I notice many parallels. We build the campfires, drive the buses, train the workers, teach the lessons, paddle hundreds of miles in canoes and engage in thousands of conversations with the people God brings us, but we are helpless when it comes to growing the seeds of faith that we have labored so hard to plant. Sometimes we see great things happening, as in the following camper comments:

I grew closer to Christ. We all grew closer to each other. Many of the people in our group experienced God moving in their lives in some way. We learned to serve like Christ. I learned that depending on others is a good and humbling experience.

Before the trip I had set the goal to use this trip to rest and recharge. I kinda meant physically, but God also used this trip to refill me with himself. I had not realized how much of God I was missing but He used this trip to show me His awesome Glory and make me want to seek after Him with all my heart.

I realized how much I really need to (see) the power of Jesus resurrection and be alive in that and dead to my sin.

Other times we see only a glimmer of hope:

I think I am more open to God

I am less of an atheist

I am starting to read the Bible.

And in the end we realize that we are entirely dependent on God’s work in the hearts of people. As JI Packer puts it in Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God: We must remember that the terms of our calling are that we should be faithful, not that we should be successful…We must learn to rest all our hopes of fruit in evangelism upon the omnipotent grace of God. For God does what man cannot do. God works by His Sprit through His Word in the hearts of sinful men to bring them to repentance and faith.

Would you pray with us for the hundreds of youth and adults that we served this summer? In many cases we have planted, but we must pray that those who need it will find an “Apollos” to water the seed, and for God to produce growth (I Cor. 3:6).

With Love,

Dan & Laura

...What’s next?? The busy retreat season!…

A photo glimpse of summer:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Camp Forest Springs Adventure Ministries Staff 2011!

This summer they will be growing, teaching, praying, kayaking, climbing, canoeing, packing and preparing food, leading alongside youth pastors, counseling, managing the details of many trips, handling the care of the camp gear and vehicles, caring for hundreds of campers, caring for each other… Thank you for your love, prayers and support!

Tim Petersen— Adv. Ministries Associate

From: Rib Lake, WI, Grad. Emmaus Bible College

· Pray that God would allow me to encourage our staff and to share Christ’s love with our campers

· Pray for safety as we drive many miles

· Pray for good balance of family time and ministry at Camp

· Pray for salvation for our children

Andrew Dittman—Trip Leader (Paired with Jodi)

From: Grad. from Philadelphia Biblical University

· Pray that I will continue to learn what it means to rest in the truth that God is in control

· Pray that people will see Christ in my daily life in a way that draws them to Him

Alex Schubert—Trip Leader/High Ropes Facilitator

From: Omaha, NE, Grad. from Grace Univ.(2009)

Future Plans: Pursuing God’s will whatever/wherever it might be!

· Pray for wisdom for ministering to the kids this summer

· Pray for safety for all the wilderness trips

· Pray for open hearts for the message of Christ

· Pray for patience, wisdom and strength as I lead wilderness trip and facilitate High Ropes Course groups

Adam Beasterfield—Specialist/LTD

From: Rib Lake, WI, Grad. From North Central Tech College

Future Plans: Starting a wilderness program in Montana after LTD

· Pray that I will be able to serve the trip leaders this year

· Pray for starting to build ideas for next summer

Jesse Tschanz—Trip Leader (Paired with Elizabeth)

From: Blair, WI

· Pray that this summer I would become more like Christ

· Pray that I will learn to be a better servant for both Elizabeth as well as the rest of the trip staff and campers this summer

Dan & Laura Jacobson—Adv. Min. Director and wife

From: Rib Lake, WI

· Pray Colossians 1:9b-12

· Pray for wisdom in leadership

· Pray for wisdom in taking care of each other this summer (& beyond)

Clark Hilty—Trip Leader (Paired with Anna)

From: Richmond, KY

Future plans: To work in Camping and just grow into a Godly leader. I’m still working on figuring out where I best fit in this ministry.

· Pray that I would develop a servant heart that would be reflected in how I work with all my wilderness kids

· Pray that the Lord would break the cycle of performance based living in my life. That I could find true rest in God.

· Pray that my humor would be used for God’s glory and not my own.

Norm Hoyt—Educational Min. Director (Norm was the Adventure Ministries Director for 17 years)

From: Rib Lake, WI

· Pray for wisdom as he mentors Dan and the trip staff this year.

Elizabeth Houser—Trip Leader (Paired with Jesse)

From: Medford, WI, Grad. from Bethel University

Future plans: Graduate school for Athletic Training at Indiana State Univ.

· Pray that my eyes would be open to God’s presence in my everyday life and that I would take advantage of every opportunity to make a difference in the kids’ lives on our trips.

Jodi Bender—Trip Leader (Paired with Andrew)

From: Whitehall, WI, Grad. From Montana Wilderness School of the Bible, attending UW-La Crosse

Future plans: I don’t know, but if the Lord allows, I would love to use God’s creation (Outdoor activities) to share the gospel. I also have a desire to be involved in missions somehow, somewhere.

· Pray that the Lord continues to direct my heart to His goodness and that I will be teachable.

· Pray that I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, even if His leading doesn’t go along with my will or doesn’t make sense.

· Pray that I can be bold in proclaiming the sweet gospel of Jesus Christ, and yet speaking and living grace.

· Pray against a critical heart, and for a love for the kids that is selfless.

Anna Boyer—Trip Leader (paired with Clark)

From: Minneapolis, MN, Grad. from Northwestern College, MN

Future plans: Serving as a teacher of missionary kids in Mali, Africa (

· Pray that the LORD would grow in me the heart for servant ministry.

· Pray that I would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and counsel in order to be the LORD’s hands and feet during ministry this summer

Mindy Schweitzer—Trip Packer

From:Winfield, IL, Attending Wheaton College (IL)

· Pray for wisdom in how to support/encourage the rest of the trip staff

· Pray for next year, going back to school, trying to figure out God’s will for my future.

· Pray that I will build and maintain good friendships with other staff (especially girls in the staff cabin) this summer

Réanna Baumgarten— Adventure Ministries Coordinator

From: Westboro, WI

· Pray for Reanna as she manages the many details of trip coordination and food preparation with Mindy.

· Pray for opportunities to serve and help the trip leaders this summer.