Friday, June 29, 2012

Camp Forest Springs Adventure Ministries Staff 2012!

Back (L to R): Laura, Dan, Cassie, Josh T, Asha, Josh S, Rel, Tim, Monica, Reánna

  Front (L to R): Adam, Jesse, Tyler, Clark 

Dan & Laura Jacobson—Adv. Min. Director and wife
From: Rib Lake, WI
· Pray for humble hearts to know and enjoy God more and truly love others.
· Pray for wisdom in using time well
· Pray for the wisdom and ability to take good care of each other.
· Pray for wisdom in leadership.

Cassie Whitstone—Trip Packer
From: Abington, Pennsylvania, Grad. From LTD program and Philadelphia Biblical University
· Pray for competence in my ability to do my job well as food packer.
· Pray that I will use my time wisely—spend time with the Lord and build relationships with other staff
· Pray for future plans—listening and waiting patiently for what the Lord has for me next
· Pray that I keep my eyes on the Lord in all circumstances.

Josh Tschanz—Trip Leader (Paired with Jesse Tschanz)
From:  Taylor, WI
· Pray for patience
· Pray for guidance
· Pray for discernment

Asha Kroeker—Trip Leader (Paired with Tyler Kruse)
From: Woodbury, MN, Attending Univ. of MN
· Pray that I would daily be walking in the truth and freedom of the gospel.
· Pray that I would be overcome with love and joy; being open to the Lord’s direction and teaching.

Josh Sturm—Trip Leader (paired with Arielle Messina)
From: Wausau, WI
· Pray that the Lord would be building in me a security in Him and not my performance people-pleasing ways
· Pray that God would give me boldness to live in the gifts He has given me.
· Pray that I would have eyes to see Him working!!

Arielle Messina—Trip Leader (Paired with Josh Sturm)
From: Rialto, CA
· Pray for sensitivity toward others’ needs
· Pray for dependence on others
· Pray for a servant heart
· Pray for spiritual discipline in all the busy-ness

Tim Petersen— Adv. Ministries Associate
From: Rib Lake, WI
· Pray for a good balance of family, church, ministry, etc.
· Pray for a renewed hunger for God’s Word
· Pray for wisdom in raising my 2 children
· Pray for relationships to grow among neighbors

Monica Leair—Trip Leader (Paired with Clark Hilty)
From: Oconomowoc, WI, Attending Northwestern College
· Pray that I would be able to serve out of a pure and willing spirit
· Pray for safety of the youth and leaders on these trips
· Pray for the lives of the campers coming through the adventure trips, to experience grace and love from God
· Pray for my patience, obedience, and endurance.

Rnna Baumgarten—Adv. Min. Coordinator
From: Westboro, WI
· Pray that I will be vulnerable, teachable & flexible
· Pray that I will have wisdom & discernment as I help lead the trip staff/food packer
· Pray that God will build relationships with campers and I will be confident to speak His truth

Adam Beasterfield—Specialist
From: Rib Lake, WI
· Pray that I will serve the trip leaders with a more than willing heart
· Pray that I will grow in my knowledge of God and His word.

Jesse Tschanz—Trip Leader (Paired with Josh Tschanz)
From: Blair, WI
· Pray that I would become more like Christ
· Pray that I would be gracious and loving to all my campers this summer
· Pray that the Lord would give me strength in my weaknesses
· Pray for opportunities to speak into the lives of the boys and get to the heart of their issues

Tyler Kruse— Trip Leader (Paired with Asha Kroeker), From: Columbia Falls, MT, attending Crown College
· Pray for deeper healing with things that are unknown to me.
· Pray for a deeper and more committed prayer life
· Pray for being a godly leader

Clark Hilty—Trip Leader (Paired with Monica Leair)
From: Richmond, KY
· Pray that prayer would be a basis for all I do out on these trips this year.
· Pray that I would be bold in my presenting the gospel not only by how I live,  but when God opens a door, to speak into someone’s life.
· Pray that I would listen...and love...and live with Christ and not by myself trying to make things work

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