Thursday, April 18, 2013

Training Trip 2012

Dinner Theater 2012

Flambeau River 2012

Interested in time with God in the mountains of Montana?...
Check out for details on our trip this fall

Greetings from the Jacobsons!

It’s been two years now since we joined the staff at Camp Forest Springs, and we are beginning to realize that we get so wrapped up in what is going on that we fail to take the time to write about it for all of you. Rest assured that our summer and fall have been tremendous--full of activity and growth. Many of you are contributing to this work, so we are excited to get you caught up to speed. Here goes:
The number of adventure trips we carried out this summer. These ranged from one to six days, all designed to facilitate encounters with God in his creation and in His word. Groups came from as far away as Nebraska to take part in the program!
The number of guests on our trips. Their ages ranged from 4 to 80, and each one came away with memories and a good exposure to biblical truth. Pray that God’s word would continue to take hold in their hearts.
2 hours:
The length of time it took to sell out all six shows of our fall Dinner Theater! I probably surprised many in my role as “the creature” (I’m worried I may have been type-cast). The play was about fear, and many people were impacted by its message.

W5235 County Road D, Westboro:
The new address of our “trailer with a basement”.  We wanted plenty of space for the many gatherings we host, but didn’t want much debt. We are excited about this unique solution.  We moved in around Christmas and you should all come see it (and us).
     September 2013:
The planned launch of TRAILHEAD. This is a new gap-year (post high school) program we will host at camp to help high school grads determine and prepare for their next steps. Focus will be on worldview, Bible training, personal finances and vocational preparation. We are very excited to be directing this much-needed new ministry! Stay tuned for more updates.

We feel tremendously blessed to have such a vast network of friends and family in support of our work here. Thank you!  We hope you all had a blessed Holiday season and that the new year brings new growth. Please know that we enjoy hearing from you and that we welcome ideas or questions!

Much love,
Dan & Laura


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