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“The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.” Proverbs 21:31

This little verse has been very helpful to us lately; much of our lives have been “preparation” lately. We have spent countless hours training staff, preparing curriculum, planning trips and fixing gear. Meals have been carefully packed in coolers for wilderness trips (1400 meals this week) and applications for the new Trailhead Program have been scrutinized. All of this is done with the knowledge that the preparations are powerless to affect lives without the Lord giving that victory. Please pray for us this year, as we seek His power to bring real ministry out of our humble preparations! Here are three key areas of preparation right now:
Okay, that’s not going to be his name, but that is how we have been referring to our baby, due in October. It has been a temptation to be overwhelmed as we think about all the things that we will be busy with at that time of year, but we are so joyful for this gift. Pray that we can balance our new family and a very demanding ministry lifestyle. Also, pray for grace in parenting. We are imperfect.
Adventure Program:
You will find enclosed our annual Adventure Program prayer letter. The Adventure Program is going strong. Just this week we facilitated week-long canoeing/camping trips for over 100 people.  Our desire and effort is that all of these students will be challenged by God’s word and the testimony of their trip guides. Pray that lives are changed and that our many efforts are used by God to bear Fruit that is eternal.
This is our brand new program, beginning this Fall. Check out the link to the website for more information:  Students in the Trailhead Program will study Biblical and worldview topics, as well as vocational, financial and household skills. We see such a huge need for ministry to people of this age, and pray that our many preparations will lead to God being glorified in our weakness and in the lives of the students. 
Dan & Laura


Camp Forest Springs Adventure Ministries Staff 2013!
This summer they will be growing, teaching, praying, kayaking, climbing, canoeing, packing and preparing food, leading alongside youth pastors, counseling, managing the details of many trips, handling the care of the camp gear and vehicles, caring for hundreds of campers, caring for each other…  Thank you for your love, prayers and support!

Back (L to R): Josh S, Johanna, Ethan, Adam, Jesse, Josh H
Middle (L to R): Mindy, Megan, Arielle
  Front (L to R): Tim, Andra, Reánna, Laura, Dan

Tim, Andra, Ben & Kaylee Petersen— Adv. Ministries Associate & Family
From: Sugar Hill, GA & Winston-Salem, NC (now Rib Lake, WI)
· Pray for a productive use of our time this summer.
· Pray for good quality days off
· Pray for spiritual growth for our family
· Pray for safety in travels to/from and for safety for trip leaders and campers
· Pray for unity among our staff

Rnna Baumgarten—Adv. Ministries Coordinator
From: Brookfield, WI (now Westboro, WI)
· Pray that I make the most out of the opportunities in conversation with summer staff and campers.
· Pray for my preparation, physically, for the Beartooth Mtns. Trip in August.
· Pray for me as I work with the details of the trips and work with the leaders of the groups.

Dan & Laura Jacobson—Adv. Ministries Director and wife
From: Janesville, WI & Whitehall, WI ( now Westboro, WI)
· Pray that we will keep God’s truth and gospel in the forefront of our minds
· Pray for wisdom & balance with our time
· Pray for wisdom and pure hearts in loving our staff this summer
· Pray for our baby due in October!

Adam Beasterfield—Specialist
From: Rib Lake, WI
· Pray that I would be a servant leader this summer
· Pray that I would desire to be in God’s word daily
· Pray that I would be open to God’s leading on what is next in life.
· Pray for Rachel and my relationship as we follow God’s leading.

Jesse Tschanz—Rawhide Trip Leader
From: Blair, WI (attending UW LaCrosse)
· Pray that the Lord would give me patience and grace, and that I would show patience and grace to my campers
· Pray that I would be dependant on the Lord in all things
· Pray that I would take advantage of every opportunity the Lord gives me to minister and to serve people this summer

Megan Weinandt—Trip Packer
From: Olathe, KS/Omaha, NE (attending Metropolitan Community College)
· Please pray that  my main focus this summer stays on Christ.  My desire is to serve God by serving staff, campers and anyone else through this adventure ministry.
· Pray that I will do my job to the best of my ability and avoid stressing out.
· Praise the Lord for this opportunity this summer!

Josh Heter—Trip Leader (Paired with Arielle Messina)
From:  St. Louis, MO
· Pray for patience and determination as I navigate rivers and counsel youth.

Arielle Messina—Trip Leader (Paired with Josh Heter)
From: Rialto, CA
· Pray for the ability to bestow and receive grace.
· Pray that I will speak with love
· Pray that I will focus on Biblical truth in my life.

Ethan Harms—Trip Leader (paired with Johanna Roberts)
From: BellAair, KS
· Pray that  I will let God lead this summer.
· Pray that I will have consistent time in the word.
· Pray that I won’t drive my partner crazy! :)
· Pray that the kids will be safe
· Pray that God will impact lives.

Johanna Roberts—Trip Leader (paired with Ethan Harms)
From: Burnsville, MN (attending UW Eau Claire)
· Pray for patience with campers, schedules and weather
· Pray for a positive attitude!
· Pray that I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and others’ needs
· Pray for wisdom and discernment

Josh Sturm—Trip Leader (Paired with Mindy Schweitzer)
From: Wausau, WI (attending Moody Bible Institute—Spokane)
· Pray for a constant understanding of my need for God
· Pray for the partnership with Mindy—that we would have strong communication and trust
· Pray for soft hearts in both Mindy and I
· Pray for soft hearts in campers

Mindy Schweitzer— Trip Leader (Paired with Josh Sturm)
From: Winfield, IL (attending Wheaton College)
· Pray for boldness in sharing Truth and challenging campers
· Pray for discernment and wisdom when it comes to sharing Truth and challenging campers


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