Saturday, September 14, 2013

Meet the Trailhead class of 2013!

We are enjoying our first weeks with these students!

Esteban Alvarez—Bogota, Colombia
He enjoys playing drums, soccer and any sport.  He likes to fill out Sudoku.  He also loves to listen to music in English and in Spanish.   

Matthew Fetzer—Oak Lawn, IL
His hobbies are reading, running, exercise, tennis, archery and chess.

Tyler Johnson—Windsor Locks, CT
He has been studying to be a carpenter for the last 4 years.  He is loving and funny and people love to be around him.  He loves playing any sport.

Eric Hoyt—Berryville, VA
He’s very athletic, and enjoys playing soccer!  He also is passionate about music and has a natural ability to play piano well.  He wants to use this gift to glorify God.

Tyler Morecraft—St. John, IN
He enjoys shooting, fencing, airsoft, rock climbing and survival skills.  He’s also a media volunteer at his church.

Brady Reetz—Hudson, WI
He likes to work with small engines.  He also has wood-working experience and skill.  He finds great pleasure in fishing and is working on reading his Bible in chronological order.

David Schutt—Sandstone, MN
He enjoys fishing and playing video games.  Being outdoors with friends on a canoeing or backpacking trip brings him joy.  He has done a lot of that with his dad.

Jalene Vegter—Avalon, WI
She loves photography!  She has been very interested in it for the last few years and has had the opportunity to have people want her to shoot their senior pictures, family portraits, engagements and weddings.  She also enjoys hiking and outdoor activities.

Ashley Vorwerk—Jackson, WI
She enjoys reading and writing songs and poetry.  She loves being outdoors, biking, camping, and swimming.  She is good with children.  She also likes to bake and is good with cleaning.  Music is something she is passionate about and she loves to sing and praise God with the gifts He’s blessed her with.  She has a good sense of humor and enjoys planning social events with her friends.  She loves to take pictures.

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