Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Friends and Family,

Ever since we entered full time ministry, we have been promising people that we would someday blog more regularly. Unfortunately life got BUSY and keeping up with the ministry itself seemed to often prevent keeping people updated on what was going on.

Now, however, with the Trailhead program kicking off a month ago, I feel that I would be negligent if I didn't buckle down and do this. There are just too many people praying and wondering about how things are going. I will try to blog weekly. We shall see how that goes!

So far things are good!

 As with any human endeavor, it has been imperfect and the learning curve (for us and the students) has been steep. There are definitely "first month things" that will look different next year, but the students have had grace with us. We are enjoying the group.

As the first month has passed, we have settled into a schedule that is somewhat predictable and consistent. Students are digging in to their classes which include a CS Lewis crash course in preparation for the Desiring God Conference this weekend, A "Mining God's Word" Bible study methods course at the local church, and an application discussion group we are calling "Gospel and Life". They also had their first session with Defining Point Consulting and learned their key strengths (and each other's). This was enlightening for all.

Not a bad classroom!

After the conference, we will swap out the CS Lewis material for guest lecturers (Reuben David and Dr. Dan Hayden) for the month of October.

In addition to classes, students have trained, served and had their "testimony canoe trip". Hearing the story of each life reminds me how diverse we are, yet how there are common threads woven through each life. God has done remarkable work to assemble this group from all over the country (and beyond). We are excited to watch his plan unfold as we go forward.

Of course, construction has also begun on the giant canoe. This is going to be HALF of it!

Prayer Requests:
Continued unity and sensitivity to each other.
Our baby due any day!
Wisdom as we try to lead and direct this new program

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