Thursday, October 17, 2013

 Did God write the Bible?

Can you think of a question with more implications in your life? From work decisions to moral choices, to financial decisions, all of life is impacted by how you answer this question. That is why we are so glad to have Dr. Dan Hayden with us this week.

Classes have discussed the reliability and history of the Bible. What does it say about itself? What impact has it made on the world? How does fulfilled prophecy add to our confidence? What about Archeology? Who put the whole thing together? These are just a few of the questions already dealt with in this first of three weeks with Dan. We are so grateful that he is willing to bless us with his teaching.

 The canoe is coming along slowly but surely. We are excited as the hull is beginning to reveal the canoe's final shape. This thing is a monster! The men are still leading the way on this project, though I still hold out hope that the ladies will catch a vision for this at some stage!

Jesse looks over their work

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