Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The students have been in class solid for almost a month. Most of them are doing great and actually like the class load. I think all of them are okay with a break, however. So Friday we had our first "Basic Practical Skills" class. We grabbed a couple of vehicles and taught (or reminded) the students how to perform a basic oil change, tire change, and brake pad installation.

Jalene and Ashley changing oil!

I think everyone had a good time, and this will begin to be a normal Friday AM thing. Whats next?   
Chainsaws anyone?

The canoe has slowly crept forward. The men are getting distracted I'm afraid and I need to figure out how I can motivate them to keep at it. This is such a special project and the reward in the Spring will be so great if we can get it done!

As part of "Taking a break from class" week, We decided to go backpacking! So we plan to leave in the morning for a short, two-day camp-out in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness in Michigan, you know... before it gets too cold out to do this kind of thing :)

Should be fun. Pictures will be posted I'm sure.

Whats next?

Sunday through Tuesday is our annual pastors' retreat and the speaker is JOE STOWELL! The students will help out with keeping the place operating, but should have opportunity to sit in on some great teaching as well. 

Joseph Stowell is the President of Cornerstone University and author of over 20 books

Wednesday we begin "Financial Peace University for College Students." This course by Dave Ramsey will be a good overview of financial planning, saving, budgets, debt, mortgages etc. I am excited to watch the students tackle the material. Dave is an exceptional teacher, and this is VERY important stuff.

Keep praying for improved unity in the group and wisdom on my part as I begin to provide more encouragement and exhortation regarding challenges and opportunities for growth for in the students' lives.

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