Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer 2017

Trip Staff 2017!
It’s hard to explain adventure trip ministry to people.  While many of our friends and family believe in camp ministry, they often seem to scratch their heads at the whole wilderness idea.  When we first decided to join this ministry, I was asked by a friend “What does canoeing down a river have to do with the gospel?” Let me give you a couple of thoughts:
Setting: We hear in psalm 19, Romans 1, Job and elsewhere that God shows His nature and power in his creation. He expects us to see this and He expects it to change us. A wilderness adventure puts you in the front row.
Community: We really don’t know each other very well! Our communication is rarely face to face, and the face we project is often a false one. The stresses of wilderness life strip away the pretensions and break down the walls. Many youth leaders know that a week-long wilderness trip can create relationships in a youth group that would take years to generate otherwise.
Journey: There are so many biblical metaphors about life being a journey. Wilderness journeys expose us to the same fears, questions and challenges that will confront us as we walk with Christ in our journey of life. There are so many parallels that can be recognized and processed together around the campfire. This is true learning and reflecting on these things brings growth.
Dependence on God: Last week’s junior high boys fishing trip didn’t go as planned. The boys headed out for the week with high hopes and excitement. After five days of storms, heat and “so-so” fishing, they were ready to be done.  Weary and sun-burned, the boys and their trip leaders returned to camp with a bit of frustration. How encouraging then, to see four of those boys make first time decisions to follow Christ on the trips last evening as they reflected on the Bible teaching from the week.  Praise the Lord that His plans are better than ours!
The Jacobsons are doing great, and are pleased to announce that (Lord willing) Charlie and Mason will be getting a sister in October. With thankful hearts, after a good and celebratory finish with the last class in May, we are also eagerly        anticipating a new Trailhead class this fall. Praise the Lord for the past 4 years of the program. Please pray for our 2017 students as they prepare to come for a life-changing year.
We are thankful for all of you.
Dan, Laura, Charlie & Mason

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