Saturday, September 24, 2016

Off & Running in 2016!


Trailhead 2016-17 :

Daniel, Andrew, Sharisse (RA), Garreth, Rebekah, Micah, Moria, Joe, Rafaella, Jake, Cynthia, Pedro, Maddy, Doug (RA)


Another summer has come and gone, and once again the Adventure Program staff did a great job serving our guests well.  From the Flambeau River right here in Northern Wisconsin to the Beartooth Mountains in Montana, God’s creation was explored and his glory proclaimed.  We are grateful to our staff for their many long days of service.  We asked much of them, and they gave their very best. Praise God for the impact His word can have when reflecting together around a campfire under the sky.


Labor Day brought a new class for the nine-month Trailhead Program. We are excited to share a year with these students as they wrestle with some of the biggest questions they will ever have to answer: Who is God? Can I trust the Bible? Can I even understand it? What makes me valuable? How should I decide a career path? What church will I attend when I am on my own? What will I do with my money?


The answers to these questions will dictate nearly everything in life from here forward for these students. That is why we are so excited to begin the work of exploring together the Truth laid out in God’s word.


We begin this week with Dr. Dan Hayden’s course Did God Write the Bible? And from there we will apply the Bible’s answers to each component of life throughout the year. Please pray for hearts ready to receive God’s word and cling to the hope found in Christ.


Charlie and Mason are doing great. They are really at a fun stage—full of chatter and movement and learning. Please pray for God to draw them to himself, and for their relationship to grow into a true friendship.


Laura blesses all parts of my life, secretly and quietly holding things together administratively for my ministry at camp and the family at home. I am grateful to God for her partnership. Pray for rest and stamina, as she tries to keep up with these little boys.


We are grateful for the full and rewarding path God has us walking.


In His life,
Dan, Laura, Charlie & Mason


Trailhead Canoe Trip — Sept 2016


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