Thursday, October 23, 2014

This year's students in last year's canoe

Another month has passed without a blog post, and if I let it go any longer, it will become overwhelming. A lot has happened in October. Students have served, learned, built (parts of) buildings, cooked a lot of meals, listened to lectures on the history of the Bible, camped in sub-freezing weather (some of them), and started to figure out how hard it can be to live closely with people who aren't like you. All of these things are sanctifying in some way. 

Please pray for a deep and genuine understanding of God's love, and the true understanding of the good news of the gospel. This is the truth that can change everything. 

A few pictures:

 Sarah and Sam working on the Flambeau cabin

 Alyssa helping with a concrete slab on the new generator building

 More concrete!

 Alex and Alyssa on the canoe trip

 View from the campsite. The weather was great on the canoe trip.

The guys groups had some great guys-only discussions. I enjoyed the time spent with these young men.

This week the students begin three classes:

1. Personal Finance
2. Inductive Bible Study
3. Gospel application class

All of these classes will go until Christmas. Please pray that they will learn and be blessed! I will try to update this blog more regularly from here on out!

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