Sunday, September 14, 2014

We have survived the first two weeks! This might seem insignificant, but the first two weeks of Trailhead can be rough. Students settle into new housing, try to figure out how to share space with 10 other people, adapt to a new culture, learn how to do about 6 different jobs around camp, write a constitution for group behavior, and do many other things all while adjusting to living away from Mom and Dad, which makes this an emotional time for some.

It is my assessment that this group is doing an amazing job so far. They are getting along for the most part, and tackle each new challenge with a good attitude. It has been a blessing to guide this particular group of students through the boot camp that is the first two weeks.

Whats next? We leave tomorrow for a four day canoe adventure in the Sylvania Wilderness in Watersmeet, MI. Trips like this require teamwork and communication. There will be discomfort at times, and attitudes can be stretched. These types of experiences build connections between people. For some of the students, this will be the highlight of the year. For others, they will be glad to just survive. For all of us, there will be memories that will lay the foundation for truly solid friendships as we go forward this year.

When we return, we will settle into a more normal routine, and classes for the fall will begin.

Here are a couple of pictures of our little cabin on the Flambeau River. Students insulated the cabin Friday in preparations for the pine carsiding that we will install soon. We used polystyrene on the lower 4 feet to help keep the mice out.

It's going to be a cool little prayer cabin when it's done.

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