Thursday, June 12, 2014

Introducing...Forest Springs Adventure Ministries Staff 2014!

B to F/L to R: Dan, Tim, Brice, Jordan, Michael, Caleb, Cassie, Peter, Reanna, Katy, Abby, Missy

This summer they will be growing, teaching, praying, kayaking, climbing, canoeing, packing and preparing food, leading alongside youth pastors, counseling, managing the details of many trips, handling the care of the camp gear and vehicles, caring for hundreds of campers, caring for each other… Thank you for your love, prayers and support!

Dan, Laura and Charlie Jacobson—Adv. Min. Director and wife (Full-time Staff)
· Pray for  wisdom in leadership.
· Pray for wisdom in parenting and for the heart of our son who is learning that Dad is gone a lot.

Tim, Andra, Ben & Kaylee Petersen— Adv.  Ministries Associate and family (Full-time staff)
· Pray for the delicate balance of Camp/Church/Family.
· Pray for spiritual growth and awaremess for my children.
· Pray for care and attentiveness to my wife.
· Pray for love for all people.

Brice Niemond—Trip Leader (Moody Bible Institute—Spokane, WA)
· Pray for my emotional and physical endurance as this summer will be draining.
· Pray that I would be focused on Christ as my source of both strength and effectiveness as I serve this summer.

 Jordan Scott—Specialist/LTD (Pine Island, MN)
· Pray for confidence in leadership and wisdom throughout the summer.

Michael S. Nimesheim Jr.—Specialist (Nanzdietschweiler, Germany/Prairie Bible Institute)
· Pray for the love of God to be shown through my life to others for His glory.
· Pray that I would be fully invested while here at Camp.
· Pray that I would make wise choices and good judgement calls all summer.

Caleb Bishop—Trip Leader (Felch, MI/Cairn University)
· Pray that I would rely on God’s strength as I serve.
· Pray that I would be drawn to my knees this summer as I see His love, affection, and grace for me, in my campers lives, and through us working through the Spirit.
· Pray for growth in leadership with good uplifting communication between trip leaders, trip staff, and trip groups.
· Pray for boldness to take the opportunities to challenge and grow campers in the Gospel.

Cassie Whitstone—Trip Packer (Full-time Staff)
· Pray that I make the most of every opportunity this summer.
· Pray that I daily remember that God has never failed me.
· Pray that I rely on Him fully for my fulfillment.

Peter Hoyt—Trip Leader (Rib Lake, WI/Cairn Univeristy)
· Pray that God would be working through me to share Christ’s love with those I come in contact with and in all my actions and words this summer.

Réanna Baumgarten— Adventure Ministries  Coordinator (Full-time Staff)
· Pray that I will be intentional in my relationships with our summer staff and campers
· Pray that I keep the details organized well for trip staff!
· Pray for solid time in God’s word in the midst of a busy season.

Katy Beasterfield—Trip Leader (Rib Lake, WI/Bethlehem College and Seminary)
· In Matthew 20:28 we see that Jesus came not to be served, but to serve.  This summer my desire is to serve both the campers and other staff with the humility of Christ.  Not out of obligation, but out of love.
· Pray that my heart would be soft and moldable to the work of the Holy Spirit.

Abby White—Trip Leader (Cedarburg, WI/UW-Stevens Point)
· Pray for growth in seeing my sin and God’s holiness.
· Pray for the ability to communicate the gospel clearly to campers and love them where they are in life.
· Pray for the team of trip leaders and staff to increse in grace and truth for one another.

 Melissa (Missy) Pranke—Trip Leader (Cannon Falls, MN/LTD graduate)
· Pray for humility in leading.
· Pray for patience and grace with campers.
· Pray that the love and power of God would fill me and be used to encourage others.




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