Friday, September 18, 2015

September is a big month for us. Each year, the new Trailhead class arrives and settles in for the nine-month adventure. They will be at Forest Springs together until May, and they will really become the focus for us until then.

We have really enjoyed this group so far. They are diverse in so many ways, but seem to be taking the steps to unify. We just returned from a four-day wilderness adventure in the Voyageur canoe that was built with the help of the very first Trailhead class in 2013/2014. Sharing this type of a journey with a Trailhead group has been a dream of mine since the beginning and did not disappoint. The students even worked together to create a sail to speed things along. By the time we disembarked, we had covered about 25 miles. More importantly, I think we laid a relational foundation that will benefit the group for the year.

For the next two weeks (beginning Tuesday) the students will take part in a two week intensive course that we call "Did God Write the Bible?"  Dr. Dan Hayden will be with us from Orlando to teach the class. I have instructed the students to come armed with their deepest questions and concerns about God's word. Please pray that they come away with a greater confidence in the Bible as God's revelation.

Trailhead class of 2015/2016

                                                         The canoe is as long as a bus!

                                                                         The crew.

                                                                            Zip line!

                                                                         A fine craft.

Under sail!

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