Sunday, March 27, 2011

Encouraging Feedback

Well, things are definitely underway here. We have been quite busy settling into this position and this community. As the new director of Adventure Ministries, I figured it would be worth my time to glance over some of the notes and evaluations that were received last summer. This exercise was very encouraging to me, and so I will pass some of the comments along to you. Please pray that God will continue to use this ministry for His purposes as we move forward!

Please share and spiritual results or changes that occurred in your life this week:
  • Fellowship and accountability which led to my baptism…Refreshing week. Often alone with God like no other time. – Adult
  • Really helped me to look inside myself and gave me new ways to witness to those around me. – Adult
  • I was so strengthened by the truth that the gospel is the power. – Adult
  • I had a reminder of being a child of God, which is most inspiring and healing. - Adult
  • Made progress in being more solid in my identity in Christ – how God sees me. - Adult
  • …awareness of so many things God wants me to work on, grow, stretch… This was my first retreat experience. I loved it and will be back for more. – Adult
  • God’s encouragement to continue the course of truth and obedience. – Adult
  • I appreciate the Godly examples of other women and the common bond we have in Christ. – Adult
  • God really showed his personality to me this week (things he loves/hates) and really encouraged me to not be ashamed of my faith, and how to do daily devotions. – High School girl
  • I feel I have grown closer to God and don’t feel so awkward praying to Him - High schooler
  • My outer shell has been cracked and is in the process of crumbling. I’m not sure I like this… - High school girl
  • I realize that I have idols in my life that I need to try to change. - High School girl
  • I was really able to get to know the youth in my group better which will be cool in going home. Also, being out in nature and having solo times I was able to slow down and reflect on how I am doing as a follower of Christ. - High school boy
  • I accepted Christ… - High school boy
  • I watched a friend accept Jesus as his savior. – High School boy
  • It was a great chance to have some quiet and solitude. A good week for reflection. - High school boy
  • I learned how to see God in everyday randomness! And I also learned the power of prayer and got to see it firsthand. And I realized how enjoyable a quiet hour with God can be. – High school girl.
  • I became a Christian… High school student
  • Learned a lot about who I am in Christ and to live the Christian life with no shame. – High school girl
  • I really rediscovered the power of prayer – High school boy
  • It challenged me to not be ashamed of my faith! (May God bless all of you for your work for the kingdom of God) – High school student
  • (I experienced) solid reassurance of the word-and how important it is. – High school student
  • I have a new love for Jesus now. I am also more comfortable knowing what a Christian relationship looks like. – High school girl
  • I got a different perspective on relationships and really enjoyed our spiritual leader. – High school girl
  • I got closer to God during solo time and the “relationship talk” helped change my perspective. – High school girl
  • I learned that God is our only god and there will be no one else greater than Him. – High school girl
  • I learned how God cares for everything that is in creation and is in control of everything. – High school girl
  • (I learned that) even though good works don’t get me into heaven, I should want to do them from my heart. – Junior high girl
  • Before this trip I never read the Bible and I got a special time every day to read and learn more and connect more with God within the trip. – High school girl
  • I now look forward to read(ing) the Bible and spend(ing) additional solo time with God. – High school girl
  • It was life changing for me. Something different and it’s like once in a lifetime. – High school girl
  • I realized that quiet time to reflect on life is almost like having a conversation with God. – High school boy
  • I feel like I have a better foundation for my faith – High school boy
  • I loved how I was challenged to look at my relationship with the Lord and compare it to what scripture says. – College student
  • (the trip) really challenged me to not be ashamed of the gospel. – College student
  • I rededicated my life to Christ. I was very burnt out going into the week but God spiritually renewed me and transformed my heart. I feel …ready to re-enter the world. – College student
  • (I have been) realizing again the need to be still and know that God is God.

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